Surface Treatment, Installations and Equipment
Installations can be:

· Automatic or Semiautomatic.

· Electrolytic or Chemical.

· Rotating or Static drums.

Given the harsh nature of the environment in which this equipment operates, only the toughest, strongest materials are used, based on the chemicals being handled.

The general characteristics for an installation are:

· Tanks made of PPH, PVC, PRFV, PVDF; Fe+PVC and Stainless steel, duly reinforced to withstand any kind of deformation.

· Conveyor cars with variable lifting and movement speeds. Overhead or supported type, with easy access to all elements requiring maintenance.

· Automatic loading/unloading systems on rotating drum, adapted to suit clients needs.

· Drying systems based on Ovens with fold-back doors for static installations and spinners or continuous (air or maizol) for rotating drum installations.

· Heating systems using; electric heating elements, superheated water, steam or thermal flows.


Immersion heating elements are made of materials suitable for the product in question; Titanium, stainless steel, PVDF, Teflon, Quartz,...
· Refrigeration systems based on cooling equipment.

· Controlled rectifiers.

· Horizontal and vertical mechanical agitation, via air and eduction.

· PPH and PVDF rotating drums. The volume, contact design and type of rotation based specifically on the material being handled.

· Minimum waste flows, due to weir systems combined with a spray exchange system.

· Paper, cartridge and bag type filters, as well as special filtration systems for Satin Nickel, Demetallised,...

· Structure and support devices made in coated steel, stainless steel or poltruded polyester. The design of these is based on the space available and the client's needs.

· Exhaust systems made of corrosion-proof materials.

· Automation of the installation (as per client's needs).

· PLC-Panel View o PC-PLC.

· Control and data registers (Temperatures, current density...).

· Alarm logs.

· Maintenance procedures.

· Mix of finishes.

· Technical assistance from our installations via modem.